Khaled Al-Yami


As a man who loves dates and believes in the benefits of them.

I decided to make you enjoy with me the delicious taste of dates and its many benefits, and I created Noori dates.

I am Khaled from Yemen, I live in the Netherlands and I love to work and help people

Antonio Alvarez

Startup Coach

Antonio is an hands-on startup and innovation coach with international experience in corporate innovation, product development, entrepreneurship and social impact.

Antonio has been working with Noori Dates from the early days he acts as an advisor to founder on business strategy and product topics.

Antonio is passionate about analogue photography, origami, coffee, social impact and all things geeky so if you share those interests you can invite him for a chat.


Startup Coach

Guilherme is an investor at ForestEffect Fund where he invests in companies in sustainable agriculture, agtech and renewable energy in Europe and Emerging Markets

Guilherme met Noori through the Forward Incubator program and he has been working with him in bootstrapping Noori Dates.

He believes that in a few years from now, impact investing will be the new norm. So If you are building something in the space, reach out!


Student Consultant
Jorge is a student of business management at Amsterdam who met Noori through the Forward Incubator program. He felt enthusiastic to help Noori because of his entrepreneurial attitude. Jorge is very interested in the market positioning of Noori Dates.

Noori Dates is the result of his determination to provide an alternative healthy snack.

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